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The procedure for floor sanding is not an easy one. Even when you are hiring the experts for doing this procedure, there are a lot of steps which they have to undertake.

You might inquire from them about the floor sanding procedure but it is not easy to follow. The machine which is needed for floor sanding is often expensive and it does not make economic sense to buy it for usage in your home alone.

Today, we would be detailing the guide for the floor sanding procedure, to give you a better idea about the steps which are to be performed

1. The first step in the floor sanding procedure to flatten the floor.

For this, you have to use the sanding machine.

The sanding machine would not only remove out the contaminants on the floor, but they would also level the floor.

Only once it is done can the actual process start.

2. You have to then use the 50 grit sanding belt. This will help you in removing the scratches. In the earlier step, you had used the 36 grit belt.

3. After that, you have to again increase it more to 50 grit in order to clean out the scratches which are even left out after the above step.

4. The next is the last level of grit and it would be 100 or 120 grit. It will prepare the floor for the next step which is known as the priming step.

5. For the lacquering process, you have to first apply a wood flooring base. It would prepare it for the next process.

6. Once the priming is done then you need to put the machine at 150 grit and this will level out any raised level in the flooring.

7. Once the earlier coat of lacquer is dried out you have to again apply a new coat.

8. If the floor is used by a lot of people, a third coat of lacquer might also be needed.

The procedure might be repetitive, but only when you are able to consistently get the procedure done with increasing grit, you can remove all the scratches from the surface and make it look good.

That is why, when you are even hiring the professionals for the same, it would often take an entire day for a flooring in a single room.

In order to keep the floor clean and to maintain the shine of the floor, you have to keep it away from dirt.

Floor sanding can provide an entirely new look to the entire room.

Once the flooring has undergone the process of wooden floor sanding, it becomes easier for you to add a new centre to attraction to the room.

Wooden flooring requires a significant amount of money in order to get the installation done. However, instead of thinking of changing the flooring, once the shine is lost you can look for wood floor sander hire or think about doing it yourself.

Once you are able to get the wooden floor sanding done, the look of the wooden flooring would become intact which would help you in restoring the look of the entire room.

Since most of the wood floor sander hire would be completing the procedure by using a machine, it is not practical for you to do it by yourself.